jeudi 5 février 2009

What, no ads?

I was wrong. The politicians did not take out ads in the paper thanking the mental health "care" professionals. In fact, I haven't seen anything in the papers about National Mental Health Awareness Week, except the annual green insert from the Canadian Mental Health Association - NXT Division. I tried to read it, but I couldn't get into it. Partly, I suppose, because I spend a lot of time reading up on mental health as it is and whatever is in that insert, I already know.

One thing I did find interesting was a little write-up about a program to help people with "serious mental illness" overcome barriers to employment. That's pretty cool, except that, even though I do feel I have barriers to employment due to my mental health, I doubt I qualify for their program. (Note: I initially thought "I'll never qualify for such a program," and immediately amended my thought. This is why you see me doing the "no wait, I choose to" thing. Because I'm so used to doing CT, I'm constantly catching myself. I'm not doing it to be facetious with y'all - that's actually how my inner monologue sounds.)

The other thing I read with interest was the last article, Happiness! Ten tips for mental wellness in 2009. And having read it, I felt really sad. So... Thanks for the green insert, Canadian Mental Health Association.

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